What are the Benefits of Santefix Trio Skin Care Oil?

Hiperecium perforatum;

Centaury; with about 180 active ingredients in it, and the immortal physician found immortality in the myths as the main component of the formula. The United States and European countries, in particular, have done thousands of studies on the canton and made the findings into articles; they have scientifically proved how and why the active ingredients in the cage are working. The main ones

the Antiskatriz

The emergence of these properties; with the right amount and time of use, and with proper application.


Fatty acids such as thyme are the natural barrier of the skin and prevent the skin infections caused by seborrhea of ​​the sebaceous gland secreted from the secretory glands of the skin and sebaceous follicles, folliculitis, cellulite and sebum of the skin by pulling the pH to normal level. Its iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin K regulate blood flow to the skin, providing resistance against infections and preventing aging of the skin.


The etheric acids in the peppermint oil have antiseptic and analgesic effects in all parts of the body. At the same time, the effectiveness of other agents used in the healing of the wound improves in the province. Volatile fatty acids found in the nano calm the person with beautiful smell.

With TRIO having these three effects together; is the miraculous new name.

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