Delivery and Returns

You may return the products you have purchased within 3 days of the invoice date. The original parcel and packaging of the product you are returning must be undamaged. Products that are not packaged or damaged are strictly non-refundable. You must send a delivery note or invoice along with the item you wish to return. If the item you want to return is defective, the shipping fee is paid by us. In other cases, the shipping fee belongs to the customer. Products that can not be returned by nature (eg long-standing and deteriorated products), disposable products. If the product is invoiced on behalf of the company, the company must issue a return invoice for the product.
Product Return Address:
Sante Medicine Marketing industry and Trade Incorporated Company
Adress: Bahçelievler Mah.1825 sok. As Gül Sitesi A Blok No:20 A 2 Yenişehir/MERSİN
Tel: 0 544 357 23 22
When your order is approved according to stock status of your products, it is supplied and then cargo is delivered. In order for your order to be approved, you need to pay for the products you have purchased by credit card or wire transfer. Approved orders will be delivered to cargo within maximum 3 business days.