Santefix Zinka Care Cream

Our skin is the biggest and the worst organ of our body. It serves as a dress that protects internal organs from external influences. It is the body that needs the most care with mineral, vitamin, energy, and so on. The most important mineral that you need in your studies is zinc. Women need 8 mg of zinc a day, and men need 11 mg of zinc a day. This zinc is used for skin of 95% higher denier.
In this sense, ZINKA is your skin friend.
It contains essential minerals and vitamins for the skin of the wort and zinc, making it ideal for daily skin care.
London Hammersmith Hospital Dermatology Department’s study in 2000 showed that zinc creams and soaps are at least as effective as benzoyl peroxide creams in the treatment of acne formation and in the treatment of acne.
In the study conducted on 47 patients with eczema in 2008; one gruba clobetasol cream and the other gruba zinc cream; it has been shown that healing is more and faster in patients treated with zinc chelate.
It is a scientific fact that UV rays wear off the skin and ages more quickly and it has been found that zinc products are the most reliable element in skin protection.
It has been understood that repair of damaged cells is accelerated and clean when zinc products are applied to the wound.
American Academy of Dermatology, zinc-containing creams; especially the cheeses, nose, chin and face, causing brown stains commonly found in the melasma and birthmarks are the most important remedy to get rid of.
Zinca, which is the main fuel of the skin, is the result of joining with zinc canton. it is a preventive and therapeutic treatment cream that should stop at the head of every house.

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