Protective and Supportive

When used regularly protect bees against internal and external parasites (Nosema - Varroa etc.). It supports the treatment of intestinal and digestive system disorders. Increases resistance to pesticides.

Bee Development

It ensures healthy growth of bees born early in the spring. Reduce winter losses when used in autumn care and winter preparation care.

Nutritional Quality

Provides long-term hygiene and protection in syrups; delay corruption. It turns bee cakes and syrups into better quality and delicious nutritional products. Cakes and syrups provide more appetizing food.

Does not contain chemicals, does not leave residues

It is completely natural in its formula as it uses only the extracts obtained by distillation of plants. It does not leave residue on the bald.


It increases the egg laying capacity of the mother bee and allows for faster growth of the colon. The worker makes the bees produce more honey. It strengthens weak colonies.

Ease of Use

It is very practical and comfortable for the beekeepers. It does not require the use of additional apparatus such as syringes and sponges.


Because of all the mentioned properties, when used regularly, it reduces beekeeping losses and increases earning.


Varroa: Varroa is a dark brown, parasite with four pairs of feet, about 1.5 mm in diameter. This parasitic disease is called varroa disease and it is an extremely dangerous and contagious disease spreading like cancer in bee colon. In the colonies that are infested by the Varroas that are fed by absorbing the blood of the bees, the baby bears can not thrive and the adult bees become weak and become unable to fly.

Observers develop the pups’ eyes, leaving their eggs to break down the structure of the puppies, causing the developing offspring to become exhausted and inefficient and out of sight. The new offspring is unhealthy. A colony with unhealthy offspring is at risk of extinction.
If the conditions of the season are appropriate, if there is a bee or wingless bee that has died in front of the hive, it is necessary to suspect it from there. Colonies infected with varroa should be urgently intervened.

It is of the utmost importance to determine the correct method of combating Varroa. Fighting with chemical methods before the honey season and during the honey season is inconvenient. Because, chemical factors reduce the quality of honey by leaving residue on the honey. Natural methods for combating Varroa and Nosema should be preferred.

BEESTRONG Varrojel, located in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey grown in the southern area of ​​self-confidence -York plants were formulated using ethereal and aromatic oils obtained by the distillation. It is a natural product produced by distilled Thymol (thyme), Eucalyptol (eucalyptus), Menthol (mint), other aromatic constituents and minerals to protect the bears from Varroa mites and to be used as a therapeutic support during recovery and healing periods.

When BEESTRONG Varrojel is used:

*It makes the bees resistant to external parasites.
*In addition, it is used as a preservative of the intestinal flora for the protection of varroa mites and as a supporting agent during periods of illness and recovery.
*It contributes to the rapid and healthy development of bees born early in the spring.
*It provides protection against troubles caused by varroa mites.
*It creates a sterile environment inside the hive and removes the causes that cause diseases.

BEESTRONG Varrofix was developed in Serin R & D laboratories at Çukurova University Technopolis and improved by beekeepers for 2 years in different geographical regions and climatic conditions.

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